About Ayden - Ayden Smith Photography

Ayden Smith is an Alaskan photographer, raised in the small community of Salcha, Alaska. During his childhood, his parents often travelled and worked in the lower 48 states, so he had the opportunity to experience life in other parts of the country, including the deep south, Michigan, and the Navajo reservation in AZ. But love of life in rural Alaska always drew the family back north. As an adult, Ayden has made south central Alaska his home. He has travelled extensively throughout the state, photographing plants and animals in their natural habitats. He continues to explore the immense beauty and diversity of Alaska and its people. Ayden has also had the opportunity to travel and take photos in many other parts of the world. Content of photographs has not been manipulated. There are no composites, except in panoramic landscape. All wildlife are free and in their natural habitat.

Photos by Abigail Land